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Do you have a showroom where I can look at your products?
We prefer to meet with our clients in their home or office so that we get a better understanding of
the room(s) where window treatments will be installed. We can coordinate with existing furniture and colors, and preview samples in the actual space. We are also able to take accurate measur- ments and any photos we might need to help us design your treatments. We can save you money by accomplishing as much as possible during the first visit.
How long will it take to get my new window treatments?
Most projects are completed and installed within 3-4 weeks from acceptance of the proposal. We own our Drapery Studio, here in Findlay, and are able to control costs and keep lead times to a minimum. Hard treatments usually arrive within a week to 10 days.
Are custom window treatments expensive?
Custom work is more expensive than "Ready-Made" products, but each treatment is made
specifically for your home or office, using fabrics and trims you have chosen. That being said, there are endless possibilities when considering custom soft furnishings and we're sure we will be able to create something unique, for you, within your budget.
Can you design and fabricate something special using fabric I purchased elsewhere?
Absolutely! We accept C.O.M. (Clients Own Material) projects.
I work during the day and cannot get home. What are your hours?
We can arrange our schedule to fit yours. SInce we operate by appointment only, we can meet with you during the day, evenings, or Saturday.
How does your Interior Consulting service work?
Our Interior Consulting services are billed by the hour. Selecting paint colors, rearranging existing furnishings, shopping for new furniture and/or accessories, consulting on new home construction or working with your builder on interior and exterior details are just a few of the things we can assist you with.
It sounds like your services are just what I need. How do I get started?
Give us a call! In most cases, we can schedule an appointment within a day or two!
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